Thursday, June 12, 2014

They can't all be 5 Stars

My latest foray into the delicious world that offers was a bit of a dud. When searching for a place to eat in Minneapolis on a recent visit, Italian food sounded really good, so we settled on Sorrento Cucina, which was touted as authentic, but at a great price.

I love that it is family owned and operated and you actually see the same people that are in the photo on their website. The owner, Rose Virgillo was even present when we arrived, which I thought was really nice.

Arriving was a bit of a problem, however. This is because Sorrento Cucina is located in the North West tower in the heart of Minneapolis. When you walk into the building, there are no signs, maps, or anything directing you towards the restaurant. It wasn't until we wandered up to the second floor that we found a map telling us that the restaurant was a few feet in front of us!

The set up of Sorrento Cucina reminds me a lot of Fazoli's - the chain restaurant. There were some glaring differences, however. At Fazoli's, you get real plates, never-ending breadsticks, and they have high chairs for young children. At Sorrento Cucina, they had none of these things. Your food is presented to you on Styrofoam plates and you get to struggle with holding young children on your lap, while trying to simultaneously get food in their mouths and keep it off their clothes.

Perhaps the most important question, though:  "How was the food?" It was okay, but I'd rather eat at Fazoli's. Another thing that Fazoli's has that Sorrento Cucina does not, is an unlocked bathroom. Yup. You have to ask for a key to use the restroom. Please don't take your potty training toddlers here!

My not-so-great experience is why it is so important to leave feedback after you visit a restaurant through! People rely on your honesty, both good and bad in determining their own destination. It's one of the reasons I'm always so honest with you guys!

If you're ready to check out yourself, you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It's really a great way to get a good deal and get out and try something new! From

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Even though this last experience wasn't the best, I have definitely enjoyed the majority of my time with In fact, I've even given gift certificates away as gifts, and they have always been well received. I like giving these certificates, because they are the perfect thing to get for someone who either has everything already, or who you aren't sure what to get. Everyone likes eating out! You can give an eGift card from increments from $5 all the way to $500!

Have you tried yet? Tell me in the comments what you tried and how it went!


  1. As your title states, they can't all be 5 stars, but I would rate your experience as possibly a 1 star. The only time I've ever come close to your kind of experience was when I was a young teenager and our drill team marched in a competition in Philadelphia. On our bus trip, we stopped at a "mom & pop" type restaurant and many of us sat at the counter. I was completely horrified when the person who was sweeping the floor with a broom took that same broom and swept out the oven. But that was after I had eaten and the food was good. By the way, the bathroom was not locked and our food was served on regular plates!

  2. I've never used but have always been interested. This one sounds like it was a flop, but you said it yourself they can't all be five stars! A little mind boggling they didnt have high chairs or boosters or anything!

  3. No they can't all be five stars. is a great idea.... looks like it's just a U.S service tho.