Friday, June 6, 2014

Kare for the Quakes!

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In doing research for Emergency Preparedness week on MTM, I came across At first, I just thought it was a cool company with useful products. I learned that they are so much more! It's actually owned by a  non-profit business, Lighthouse for the Blind.

They purchased QuakeKare earlier this year to not only provide quality emergency preparedness products at a great cost, but to also provide employment opportunities for the legally blind and to fund programs that offer support to both children and adults dealing with blindness. I think their mission is awesome and I am so impressed that they are so committed to the community that they serve!

Now that you know what awesome people they are, I'm sure you want to know about the great products they have to offer! 

One of the best deals is the 4 Person Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit. I like this kit, because as I've mentioned several times this week, it's so important to have a good readiness kit prepared. While you can put it together yourself, it takes a lot of work, money, and research. Purchasing a kit like this allows you to have it all together, in one spot and provides things that you wouldn't have other wise thought of, like a the safety whistle or a hand-cranked flashlight (never know when batteries will give out on you!)

If you have a larger family, like I do, QuakeKare also offers individual food and water rations to supplement what is included in this kit. I really like that they have kits that are area specific. You can buy a kit that is put together specifically for those in earthquake prone areas, or for those in an area with hurricanes. There are even kits for dealing with Terrorism. You name it and QuakeKare has thought about it and delivers!

If you've ever been through an emergency of any size, you know that it's best to be prepared. The sad fact is that too many people are unprepared and unfortunately, we just don't know when a disaster will strike. By preparing NOW, you could be saving your life and your families lives in the future.

Chance favors the prepared. ~ Louis Pasteur