Monday, May 12, 2014

To House Train a Man

 *This post is brought to you by The House Trainer.

This morning, it happened again. I woke up, went to the bathroom and there, I saw the thing that drives every woman nuts - the toilet seat was up. It's so frustrating and it certainly isn't a difficult procedure for men to figure out. Instead of unleashing a verbal attack on my husband (I think he tunes me out anyway) I smiled and sent him an app.

So, okay, you might be thinking, "Why are you going to reward him for bad behavior?" Here's the thing, though - this app is The House Trainer. The House Trainer is an app designed to help men overcome their caveman-like tendencies and become the capable gentlemen you know they can be.

At the very least, it'll give you a chuckle. At best, it will break through to a man who is used to ignoring you.

The free app allows you to send hilarious short videos to your man from the wonderful Rose O'Brian. Let me tell you, this woman can get your point across in such a way that they will sit up and listen for once!

When you open up the app, you see four sections:  Etiquette, Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom. These are the four main areas that most men struggle with, so these are the ones that the House Trainer focuses on. Choosing a section, such as Etiquette, then gives you more options: Cell phone, listen up, chewing, and backseat driving. You can add the sections of your choice to create a targeted program of your choice for your significant other.

I have found all of these sections helpful in giving my husband some passive-aggressive instruction. My favorite, however, has to be the Kitchen section. He loves to cook (which is great, because I love to eat!), but he just tends to destroy the kitchen on a daily basis. I will never understand why it requires every pot and pan we own to make scrambled eggs - but I digress. The Kitchen section teaches your guy to wash dishes, clear the table, use the dishwasher, and take care of garbage. Genius!

You will need to enter their email address and select them to have the program sent. You are then led to name your program, of which there are several options. My favorites are, "I'm tired of repeating myself!" and "I'm not the maid!" Once you have your program designed, one video will be sent out daily to train your guy.

Unfortunately, this program is only available on apple devices right now, though you can be placed on a list to be notified when the program is available for Android devices. Be sure to connect with The House Trainer on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to keep up with new updates.


  1. LOL!! I have to check this app out!! You might be on to something here!!

  2. I dont think we can train them. Thankfully my hubby has never left the seat up.

  3. Why don't women put the seat UP when we're finished? Sorry, my husband is not a dog. And he certainly does not need training.

    1. Heather, it's meant as a bit of satire. I think through the course of a relationship, men and women both "train" each other to their likes and dislikes. For instance, when we first got married, I used to make dishes with mushrooms all the time. When I would ask if he liked it, he'd say yes, and even ask for seconds. He finally did admit that he doesn't even like mushrooms and ever since, I've been "trained" to make dishes without them, or make him his own version. I definitely goes both ways. ;)