Friday, May 16, 2014

It's a Balancing Act!

*This post is brought to you by Strider.

Some people call it "directionally challenged," but I just call it clumsy. I have an unfortunate tendency to walk into walls, trip over my own two feet and just generally create havoc for my body. My sense of balance is off and unfortunately, I have passed this on to my children.

Most children have balance issues, because they are still learning. That's why it's so good they're close to the ground!

When one thinks of bikes for very young children, one usually thinks of a tricycle, because they believe that the 3 wheels make it more stable. The fact is, tricycles don't teach the most important part of riding a bike - balance.

Strider bikes are different. They don't have pedals and are very low to the ground. The lack of pedals allow children to go at their own pace and also to balance using their own two feet. Instead of going from tricycle to training wheels, and finally to two wheels, the Strider cuts out the training wheels and makes it so that your child can be ready to go directly to two wheels (with pedals) much easier and faster.

The Strider Classic bike comes in a box and it's not fully assembled. I timed myself while putting it together and for me, it took just over 10 minutes. Some of you would be able to do it much faster than that, I'm sure!

I was really impressed with several features of the bike. First, it is so light, that it's easy to carry with one hand. This is a must for me, especially when I am trying to get everyone and their bikes out and ready to go. It just makes everything easier. It's also important that it's light so that your very young children can use this. It is recommended for children from ages 1 1/2 - 5 years, so they are pretty small when they start out. The light weight makes it manageable.

Next, the seat is very easy to adjust up and down, meaning that my 6 year old fits on it and my 16 month old is just on the cusp of being able to ride it. I actually put her on it and she was on her tippy toes. She was very angry when I took her off!

Lastly, the wheels are amazing. They are made out of industrial foam and are very sturdy. Because they aren't filled with air, they will never go flat and you can use it on all terrains! Most kids bikes can't handle going over the cracks in the sidewalk, let alone on grass, gravel, or dirt.

This is one of those products that I really can't find anything negative about. I am completely impressed, and I am betting that you would be too!


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