Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Ever since I had my first child, I have celebrated Mother's Day. It's been NINE years now and while that can seem like a long time, today I want to focus on someone who has been a member of the "Mom Club" for a lot longer than I. My mom.

She is the Mother of 10 children, the Grandmother of 22, and somehow she manages to to love us all, despite our faults. More than many of my siblings, I gave my Mom much to worry about. I joined the Navy at age 18 and delighted in calling home to share all my recent news. "Guess what, Mom? I went skydiving! I got a tattoo! I got married! I'm pregnant!" It's a wonder her heart survived all of that, but it did and she has continued to use her wonderful heart to impact all those around her.

It is from my Mom that I learned patience (though this is something I still work on daily!), the value of hard work, and to love God. These are all things I hope I am able to pass on to my children, so I'm glad that I've had such a great role model!

Make sure you do something nice for your mom today, even just a phone call to let her know how much you love her!


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