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Q & A with Renae

"My son is having the same issue but he is only 3 1/2 years old. He has been potty trained for almost a year and has never had an accident. Well, we brought our baby girl home in Feb. and that's when it started. We understand why he is having them but it is becoming very frustrating. We have been patient and have started to remind him to go potty....

When Your Big Kid has a Potty Accident

The other day, my 5 year old daughter, Shari did something she hasn't done in well over two years. She wet her pants. While it really surprised me, I knew that it was important to handle it delicately. She is at a point now that things like this have the real potential to shame and embarrass her.

Easter Egg Bingo!

This year, Easter falls on April 20. I love Easter! It's one of my favorite holidays. There's so much fun stuff to do and egg hunts are just a small part of it all. Those cheap plastic eggs have other uses too. For instance, you can use them to play Easter Egg Bingo.

Losing Weight When you have a Sweet Tooth

Well, three months after New Years Resolutions have been made, I'm betting that I'm not the only one who has been struggling with their 'losing weight/getting healthier' goal. I think the hardest part of any diet is just getting started.
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Taco Chop

I feel like it's been a really long time since I've shared a recipe with you all. The 'Taco Chop' is something that my husband came up with one day when he was playing around with making dinner. It was delicious and I knew you all would love to try something new also!
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reading Eggs Vs. ABC Mouse

I recently had the chance to try Reading Eggs, an online program that helps kids learn to read and/or improve their reading skills during a free trial. As I have a Kindergartener this year, it was perfect timing!

We have had a subscription for ABC Mouse, so I have had a chance to really compare the two programs. I have found that both my daughter and myself both prefer Reading Eggs. While both programs have some great learning tools, Reading Eggs also has placement tests, so your child starts where he or she will get the most out of the program. Reading Eggs also has a much broader age range, staring at age 3 and going all the way to age 13. ABC Mouse doesn't even come close.

Even in the parents section, Reading Eggs holds the upper hand. After children have taken their assessments, an approximate reading age is given, and it updates after they complete more lessons successfully. The phonics skills and sight words that children know are also listed, making it easy to follow your child and encourage them outside of the program.

Lessons are simple, yet effective. At my daughter's level, one of the lessons she is given is to choose which picture contains a certain letter sound. It works so much better doing this on the computer, versus doing it in a book, because there have been several times when working in a workbook that neither of us can figure out what they are trying to convey with a given picture. On the computer, it can verbally tell you what the picture is of - no more guessing!

If you are interested in checking out this great program with your child, you can get a FREE trial!

*I received a free trial to facilitate this review.


  1. Thank you for comparing these two. I have used ABC Mouse with my son, but it doesn't seem to be built well for a three-year-old. I will definitely need to take a look at Reading Eggs. It sounds great!

  2. thank you for this review! I had seen the ABC mouse commercials, but wasn't sure if it would be useful for my 3 year old.