Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

*I have received compensation for sharing my thoughts with you. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

Have you ever had an idea for a cool t-shirt, but had no way to create it and then sell it? Or perhaps you just didn't want to put the money up front and take that risk. Well, Teespring is a new crowdfunding site that allows you to do just that with no risk!

Whether you need shirts for your children's sports team, your latest fundraiser, or church group, Teespring.com can make it happen! It works like this:

1. You make your design come to life with Teespring's shirt designer. They have tons of different colors to choose from, long sleeved, short sleeved, mens, women's, you name it and they offer it as an option.

2. Set your goal. Teespring will let you know what it will cost to make your shirt, you then decide what to charge and what profit you are hoping to make. Your goal can be to sell anywhere from 10 shirts to 99,999! That leaves a lot of room for any size group!

3. Add a description and a title for your campaign. Launch it and let everyone know where they can order their shirt!

One of the great things about this is that instead of pre-buying shirts of every size, hoping that you will make your money back, each person can order their shirt in the size of their choice and once your goal is reached, the shirts are printed and they ship out. There is no risk to you! If you are creating shirts for a local group, you even have the option to have the shirts shipped directly to you, keeping costs low.

If your goal is not reached in the allotted time, the shirts don't print, and no one is charged anything. Both the buyer and seller are protected from loss. The buyer can cancel their order any time before the campaign ends with no risk!

To show you just how easy it is, I have designed a Tee of my own! It was actually pretty fun playing with the different options, and deciding what exactly would go on it. If you would like to buy one of your own 'Keep Calm and Listen to Mom' shirts, you can check it out HERE.

To design your very own shirt, go check out Teespring.com!


  1. Now that's a beautiful looking t-shirt. Does this come on other sizes? And does it have sizes for kids?

    1. This one only comes in adult sizes, but you can get anything from a small to a 3X.

  2. I like the shirt. to bad my children cant read yet ;-)

  3. This is really an awesome color compatibility that you have shown.Good work.

  4. Great shirt, let me know if you print it again! I'll take one!