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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Are Babies Made?

My 5 year old daughter just hit me with the one question that every parent dreads. To be fair, it was kind of my own fault. She had been talking about how God made her baby sister, when I had to open my big mouth and say, “Well, Mommy helped a little bit too.” That got her to thinking, and she hit me with the dreaded, “How exactly are babies made?” Uh, oh.

This is her in my head, not old enough for those questions yet!
Why, oh, why did I feel the need to get any credit?! This is the question that gets knees to shaking and stomachs churning. It is even worse than the, “How is that baby coming out?!” question. I don’t want to give too much information, because a five year old just doesn’t need that! I also didn’t want to not tell her anything, which would only make her wonder more.

While I don’t think that I have always handled the question very well with my son, I do think that it is a good idea to give them little bits of information over time, when they are ready for it. As they get older, and they understand how their bodies work, we can introduce more of the details. At five years old, though, she isn’t really ready for much.

So, after thinking pretty quickly, I told her, “Well, babies start off as seeds. God plants the seed (because women are already born with all the eggs they are ever going to carry, isn’t that amazing?), Daddy waters the seed (Hahaha!), and Mommy grows the seed until the baby is ready to come out!” She looked at me funny and went back to coloring. 

Whew! Crises averted. Hopefully I won’t have to give her any more information for a few more years!  How have you handled this question with your children, or what will you tell your children when they ask?


  1. Emma is still little and thankfully she never asked how her brother was made all she new was Mommy had a baby inside her belly and she popped it out and it hurt (she did ask if it hurt when I popped him out) but im all better now lol

  2. Oh I have little boys so I'm hoping that they ask my hubby! I dread the day I have to sit down and explain it to them.

  3. Thankfully my kids think the doctor gave me their little brother at the hospital. Not sure if I'm ready to get into technicalities with them

  4. My little guy, 5 also, asked the same question a couple of months ago. He was not satisfied with the bit of info I gave him initially and I had to get a book which really helped. :)

  5. I remember when my oldest son found out in more detail from a friend. We had had the discussion with him but not full detail. He came and was asking us questions and we told him that what his friend said was the truth. He turned to us and said "ewww, you guys did that twice?" (he has a younger brother). We still laugh to this day at that moment.

  6. That's a great explanation, very right on yet kid friendly :) My kids are too young to ask yet but I know it will come and I think I'll use your explanation :)

  7. this is a cute post ahh the dreaded question i like your tips on how to handle the question

  8. that's good that you kept it simple for your kids to understand.

  9. Keeping it simple is always a good plan. I will have to keep your explanation idea for my littles. Not looking forward to the awkward questions stage!

    1. It was definitely not a fun moment!

  10. My daughter is only 18 months old and I'm 13 weeks along with our second - I don't think I'll be encountering that question this time around! But I also really like the idea of God planting seeds and Daddy watering the seed. ;)