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Q & A with Renae

"My son is having the same issue but he is only 3 1/2 years old. He has been potty trained for almost a year and has never had an accident. Well, we brought our baby girl home in Feb. and that's when it started. We understand why he is having them but it is becoming very frustrating. We have been patient and have started to remind him to go potty....

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The other day, my 5 year old daughter, Shari did something she hasn't done in well over two years. She wet her pants. While it really surprised me, I knew that it was important to handle it delicately. She is at a point now that things like this have the real potential to shame and embarrass her.

Easter Egg Bingo!

This year, Easter falls on April 20. I love Easter! It's one of my favorite holidays. There's so much fun stuff to do and egg hunts are just a small part of it all. Those cheap plastic eggs have other uses too. For instance, you can use them to play Easter Egg Bingo.

Losing Weight When you have a Sweet Tooth

Well, three months after New Years Resolutions have been made, I'm betting that I'm not the only one who has been struggling with their 'losing weight/getting healthier' goal. I think the hardest part of any diet is just getting started.
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Taco Chop

I feel like it's been a really long time since I've shared a recipe with you all. The 'Taco Chop' is something that my husband came up with one day when he was playing around with making dinner. It was delicious and I knew you all would love to try something new also!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Twinkies are Back!

They’re back! Okay, not yet, but they will be back next month! All you Twinkie lovers out there will be thrilled to know that the Twinkies brand has been bought out, and has resumed production. 

When the Hostess Company went bankrupt, many people rushed to the store to stock up on their favorite sweets. I hadn’t actually thought about Twinkies in a while, but since they were going to be gone, all of a sudden I wanted one, and I couldn’t have them! Apparently, many stores sold out of them mere hours after the bankruptcy was announced.

Metropoulos & Co., who bought Twinkies and other Hostess brands, has hinted about mixing it up and adding new twists on this old favorite. We might be finding gluten free varieties or low sugar versions sometime in the next few years. 

Did you know this bit of Twinkie Trivia?

Twinkies were invented in 1930, which means they have been around for 83 years!
The original Twinkies were made with banana cream, not the vanilla that we know and love.
Contrary to popular belief, Twinkies have a shelf life of only up to 45 days.
The name ‘Twinkies’ was derived from a billboard their creator saw advertising Twinkle Toe Shoes.
It takes only 45 seconds for a Twinkie to explode when placed in a microwave.
In a non-bankruptcy year, 500 million Twinkies are produced each year.

I don’t know about you, but I really like Twinkies, and I can’t wait to see what is coming next for this all-American company. If you just can’t wait, you can try out this homemade Twinkie recipe.

Are you excited about Twinkies returning to the shelves?


  1. I'm excited. Like you, I didn't buy them often. However, once they were gone, I wanted to eat a whole box! I think their sales will go through the roof when they first hit the shelves!

  2. I'm excited, although I can guarantee nobody in my family NEEDS Twinkies! I am looking forward to seeing the new recipes they bring out as well.

  3. I was a little sad when Twinkies went away...but then like 2 weeks later I had a complete meltdown when I realized I couldn't buy the yummy cupcakes in that loud brown wrapper carton! I was so devastated! So I am looking forward to my chocolate cupcake fix ..thank you Twinkies Men!!

  4. One of the benefits of living in Canada: Twinkies never went away here. My favorite, though, will forever be Suzy Q's!

  5. Awww I don't know Twinkies but I know the feeling ofnot being able to buy your fave snack in stores anymore coz they stopped selling

  6. Yes!!! Hopefully this new company won't try to mess with perfection :)

  7. Ok, I feel just pathetic at how happy your title made me. There is something so forever about Twinkies. Also, I have some golden memories of exploding them in the microwave.

  8. Is it just me or did anyone miss them more when they were gone? It is just one of those things that make me think about childhood for me.

  9. Ewww... I don't like Twinkies at all. I wasn't missing them. Now Hostess chocolate covered mini donuts are another story!!

  10. I somehow just knew Twinkies would make a comeback! I don't like them in the least bit, but they are such an old fashioned americana-esque product.

  11. Oh yay! This makes me think of my childhood! I could definitely reminisce with these!

  12. Yay! I love Twinkies, glad to hear they will be making a comback for a treat from time to time :)

  13. I am happy for cloud cakes during this time :)

  14. Glad they're back! While not something I eat often, I did miss them once they were gone.