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Q & A with Renae

"My son is having the same issue but he is only 3 1/2 years old. He has been potty trained for almost a year and has never had an accident. Well, we brought our baby girl home in Feb. and that's when it started. We understand why he is having them but it is becoming very frustrating. We have been patient and have started to remind him to go potty....

When Your Big Kid has a Potty Accident

The other day, my 5 year old daughter, Shari did something she hasn't done in well over two years. She wet her pants. While it really surprised me, I knew that it was important to handle it delicately. She is at a point now that things like this have the real potential to shame and embarrass her.

Easter Egg Bingo!

This year, Easter falls on April 20. I love Easter! It's one of my favorite holidays. There's so much fun stuff to do and egg hunts are just a small part of it all. Those cheap plastic eggs have other uses too. For instance, you can use them to play Easter Egg Bingo.

Losing Weight When you have a Sweet Tooth

Well, three months after New Years Resolutions have been made, I'm betting that I'm not the only one who has been struggling with their 'losing weight/getting healthier' goal. I think the hardest part of any diet is just getting started.
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Taco Chop

I feel like it's been a really long time since I've shared a recipe with you all. The 'Taco Chop' is something that my husband came up with one day when he was playing around with making dinner. It was delicious and I knew you all would love to try something new also!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finding the Silver Lining: When You are NOT the Favorite Parent

This is a post I have been thinking about writing for the past week or so because I have been struggling with my feelings over my 5 year old suddenly switching loyalties to her dad. She's been a Mama's Girl for the past 5 years, wanting to go where I go and "help" me with whatever I'm doing. She loves to cuddle and until recently, her favorite place has always been my lap.

Our oldest always sided with his Dad and Shari would side with me (the fact that Mostly Together Dad and I are on each others sides is irrelevant). A couple of weeks ago, she announced that she was going to be on her Daddy's side from now on.

It was like a dagger to my heart.

I knew the day was coming that she would want to be with her father over me, but I thought I had more time! Throughout the years to come, I know that loyalties for all of the kids will change back and forth and there will be times when the kids don't even like either of us!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome to the Wonderful Parade Matilda Jane Giveaway!

Matilda Jane Clothing is well known for the joy, fun, and quality they put into every item coming out of their workshop. Well, they've done it again! The new Wonderful Parade collection is right on time for spring, with bright colors and fun new prints that you can mix and match to show off your little girl's individual spirit.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wonderful Parade Twitter Group #3

Follow all these blogs on Twitter, then go back to the giveaway and claim your entries!

Wonderful Parade Twitter Group #2

Follow all these blogs on Twitter, then go back to the giveaway and claim your entries!

Wonderful Parade Twitter Group #1

Follow all these blogs on Twitter, then go back to the giveaway, and claim your entries!

Wonderful Parade from Matilda Jane

As the mother of two young girls, I'm concerned about some of the things I see and hear from some of the young girls of today. I see them trying to dress and behave like much older girls/women. It seems like many stores are catering to their desire to dress older, and it makes me sad. I refuse to accept that for my girls and Mostly Together Daddy would have a conniption fit if I were to dress her in some of the outfits I've seen!

I love seeing little girls be little girls, without feeling the need to worry about growing up too fast, which is why I feel good when I dress my daughter in Matilda Jane. The looks and styles are such that she not only looks absolutely adorable, but also very much age-appropriate.

We recently got a new outfit from Matilda Jane. Of course we had to open the package right away and try it on immediately! I loved my little Shari's reaction. In her words, "This is my best outfit, ever!" Ruffles, hearts, bright colors and soft fabrics - the outfit is every little girls dream. The Cloudy Puffer Tee, Love Bug Knot Top, and Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings have made her the most excited I've seen her about an outfit to date, which makes it exciting for me too!

I love, love, love the 3/4 inch sleeves with little puffer bells on the bottom of the Cloudy Puffer Tee! The sleeves really jazz up what might seem like a plain white shirt at first glance. The white color means that it's a good match for every outfit in the Wonderful Parade collection. It's super soft, meaning that littles can still move and play and feel good while doing it.

The Love Bug Knot top uses the classic sweet style and makes it fresh with lots of colors and fun details. The eyelet lace on the bottom is beautiful and one of my favorite parts of the shirt. My daughter loves the strawberries and the ruffles on both of the straps. She is also a BIG fan of the colors.

But, of the entire outfit, my little girl loves the Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings the best. They are her perfect storm of pink (actually a deep coral color), hearts, and ruffles. They hit her right at the ankle, so they are neither too long, nor too short and the fabric is as soft as the Puffer Tee.

It seems that Matilda Jane has hit a homerun once again with the Wonderful Parade collection! I am once again impressed and can't wait to see what the great minds at Matilda Jane will come up with next. It's a good thing there are two collections released each year!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Make a Splash 120 Review and Giveaway!

*This giveaway is brought to you by Learning Resources.

My 5 year old, Shari, is in Kindergarten this year. It seems like she's learning something new and fun every day. Even with me being her teacher, it still shocks me sometimes, the things that she has learned in such a short amount of time!

Our focus this year has mostly been on reading and math skills. We have used a variety of resources, as I feel that it is important to try many different things, especially when you're still trying to figure out how your child learns best.One thing that she is really taking off with is her math skills. At this time last year, she was struggling to remember how to count to 20, but this year, she is able to easily get to 100.